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Experience the next generation of network monitoring and debugging. Sonar Lite gives you complete visibility of your domains from dozens of geographically unique locations within the Constellix network. Identify bottlenecks, verify connectivity from different locations, and root out network latency.



Traceroutes show you every hop between your browser and the hostname you want to connect to. If you want even more, try the full Sonar service to compare your current traceroute with past traceroutes result to identify: changes in network latency, packet loss, and bottlenecks in your traffic.

dns lookup

DNS Lookup

Sonar Lite is the only app that allows you to specify a DNS Lookup by a specified location. Measure the performance of your DNS against either a public resolving name server or your authoritative name server. Use this tool to quickly check that your users are seeing the correct DNS resolution worldwide.

DNS Trace

Use a DNS Trace to see how your domain is resolved from your system (browser or terminal) to the name server authoritative for your domain. On the way, you’ll see results from the resolving name server, TLD (top level domain) server, and root name server. This is a great way to get full visibility of how queries for your domain are resolved.

If you want to learn more about how the different servers required to resolve a DNS query, check out How DNS Works.

dns trace
tcp check

TCP Checks

A TCP Check, also known as a port check, allows you to verify connectivity of a hostname across various port and protocols. TCP, or Transfer Control Protocol, is one of the main protocols used to exchange information over the Internet –specifically for application programs.


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) checks are also known as “header” checks and status code checks. This is one of the most commonly used checks for web developers and designers. You can use this check to make sure your web server is responding.

HTTPS checks or SSL checkers can help you verify your SSL certificate if you just added SSL or HTTPS certificate to your domain.

If you want to view more status codes, we recommend that you use the full version of Sonar.

http check
https check

Delegated NS

Not sure what name servers you are using? Quickly see what name servers are authoritative for your domain. For example, the Constellix name servers are:


GeoIP Lookup

You can use a GeoIP lookup to find the real-time location of an IP address.

  • Connection Type
  • AS Number (ASN)
  • AS Organization Name
  • Country Code
  • Country
  • Region
  • Continent
  • City
  • Latitude / Longitude
http check
https check

WHOis Lookup

A public WHOIS listing shows domain registration information such as:

  • Domain registrar (company the domain name was purchased through)
  • Assigned name servers at the registrar
  • Registration date
  • Expiration date
  • Domain owner
  • If the domain has been suspended by the registrar

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