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Automated Disaster Recovery

Sonar Makes Your DNS Smart

Sonar metrics power all of our load balancing and traffic steering services. As soon as we detect a health or performance change, we’ll update that associated DNS configuration to point to an available or faster resource.

No More 2am Phone Calls

Sonar is so fast, that neither you or your users will notice when a resource is down or underperforming because we’ll have already updated your records to point to the better performing resource!

Sonar checks can be configured to run as often as every thirty seconds. But we actually run checks more frequently depending on the number of monitoring locations specified and the monitoring policy. If you select checks to be run from all monitoring locations simultaneously, checks will be run as often as every half second .

Standalone Monitoring Service

Not Here for the DNS?

Sonar can also be used as a standalone monitoring service. You won’t have to migrate any domains, or even log into the DNS control panel. Simply use Sonar like any other enterprise network monitoring service and we’ll only charge you for the services you configure.

"Designed by Network Engineers for Network Engineers"

We’re so confident in our monitoring service, we use it ourselves. Actually, Sonar was originally built to help us monitor our own enterprise networks (you know, DNS Made Easy and Constellix).

Sonar is battle-tested and proven to help network engineers stay on top of service disruptions, monitor upstream providers, and validate SLA’s with 100% confidence.

Traffic optimization graphic
Traffic steering illustration

Advanced Reporting

Enjoy Total Domain Visibility

Sonar makes it easy to visualize resource performance like never before. Once your checks are up and running, you'll get a granular view of resource performance across regions, from specific locations, and even compared to other locations over time.

Monitoring Reports:

Snapshot : See the real-time responses of your resources from multiple locations.

Real-User Monitoring : View all your monitoring data through an interactive map. Only RUM let's you see the response times from actual users’ browsers! Narrow down response times by network, location, device, or browser.

Visual Traceroute : Compare multiple traceroutes over time in a visual format. Quickly pinpoint network slowdowns and poor peering practices.

Choose from Over 100 Monitoring Locations

  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • San Jose, CA, USA
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Washington, DC, USA
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Singapore, SG
  • Tokyo, JP
  • London, GB
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • Amsterdam, NE
  • Sydney, AU
  • Hong Kong, HK
  • Fremont CA, USA
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Toronto, ON, CA
  • Auckland, NZ
  • Copenhagen, DK
  • Paris, FR
  • Vienna, AT
  • Bucharest, ROU
  • Milan, IT
  • Adelaide, AU
  • Cairo, EG
  • Cape Town, ZA
  • Bangalore, IN
  • Chennai, IN
  • Hanoi, VT

More Features

Smart Alerts

Let your team know of outages as soon as they happen. Create contact groups for different roles, departments, or schedules.

Instant Check

Run quick troubleshooting tests over multiple protocols. Tests are free and give you instant feedback from any of the locations in our monitoring network.

Maintenance Windows

No one likes a false alarm… That’s why we create maintenance windows. Schedule your window ahead of time so you don’t get any DOWN alerts when you take resources offline for maintenance.

Supported Check Protocols

  • HTTP
  • TCP
  • DNS

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