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What is Multi CDN?

CDN services host your website or application files on a network of web servers distributed around the world. A single CDN implementation can drastically improve page load times, but on their own, they are inherently vulnerable to performance fluctuations and frequent outages.

Multi CDN allows you to effectively double your coverage map, ensuring 100% uptime even during provider outages, as well as signficant performance gains. Balance out a provider’s weaknesses with another vendor’s strengths --that way you can be the fastest and enjoy 100% uptime across the globe.

Constellix uses real-time machine learning to dynamically route traffic to the best CDN for each user.

You don't need a CDN aggregator or Multi CDN provider to get started. Just use your DNS provider, and enjoy complete control through a single interface.

Enhanced Failover

No Single Point of Failure

CDN services are prone to outages and service degradation, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences. Multi CDN allows you to seamlessly migrate traffic to your backup providers in the event of an incident to prevent downtime and reduce the scale of interruptions.

Our CDN load balancing services come with baked-in failover and outage recovery measures, that kick in automatically as soon as we detect a slowdown or unavailable provider.

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GeoDNS + Load Balancing

Location-specific CDN

The Internet is unpredictable, with performance varying wildly by location due to ISP peering practices and volatile network conditions. You can't blanket your user-base with a single provider anymore. Instead, use your vendors where they perform the best, or where they are more affordable with regional load balancing.

Build your own custom configurations or try our Traffic Steering service which will dynamically route each user to the fastest CDN in their region, or for their specific location, or network.

Machine Learning + DNS

Smarter Traffic Routing

Let us do the thinking for you and automate your application delivery with AI & ML. We use a robust network of monitoring nodes and real-user data to routinely check which provider is the fastest in each region and dynamically update your DNS records to point to the fastest one. You’ll notice huge performance gains even if your CDN’s share the same PoP’s.

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How Multi CDN Works


DNS Lookup

A user makes a query for and the DNS provider answers with www record. In this case, the www record is a CNAME to a pool of multiple hostnames, each for different CDN providers.


Decision Time

The DNS provider uses internal logic to decide which CDN hostname to return. The decision can be based on hostname availability, response time, the location of the user, the user’s network, or a combination of these factors.


The Answer

The “best” hostname for that user is returned to the resolver which resolves the CNAME record, allowing the user to connect to the CDN and load the desired website files.

Multi CDN Strategies

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Multi CDN is easy to set up, with no upfront costs, and no coding required. We offer two different ways to get started:


Sign up for multiple CDN services and build your own multi CDN load balancing configuration with round robin, failover, or latency load balancing.

Multi CDN Wizard

All you need is the API keys for each of your providers, and we’ll automatically provision your CDN instances, DNS records, and monitoring checks for all of your providers in each of our five regions. Easily make changes later, like turn on RUM/Traffic Steering, add and remove providers.

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