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Network conditions are extremely volatile and can throw off your multi-cloud configurations in a second. ITO, our latency load balancing solution, uses both GeoDNS and latency monitoring to calculate the closest and best-performing resource for your users. That way your users will always be steered to the fastest and geographically relevant resource.

ITO automatically steers traffic to the fastest resources in your network.

All you have to do is specify your vendors’ hostnames, add monitoring checks for each one, and we’ll do the rest. Our latency load balancers will update your DNS records to point to the fastest responding instance(s) as often as every thirty seconds.

Our latency load balancing solution can be customized in many different ways to fit your organizations needs:

  • Choose how much response times have to deviate before the record is refreshed.
  • Configure your load balancers by region. Or create multiple load balancers for each of the five available regions.
  • Return multiple endpoints each time the record is queried in a round robin fashion. Ideal for multi-CDN or multi-cloud environments.
  • Get alerts whenever the record is updated.

Why Latency Load Balancing?

Slash Your Load Times

Leverage an existing part of your stack, your DNS provider, to handle latency load balancing for you. Since you are load balancing at the DNS level, you won’t have to risk adding extra lookups or dependencies like you would with third-party load balancers.

Reduces TTFB and overall load times.

No More Vendor Lock-in

Don't limit yourself to just one cloud service provider. Diversify your stack to get the best price points and services from each provider.

We make managing your cloud services easy. Add and remove providers with a single click, prefer more affordable vendors, and you can even add custom GeoDNS rules.

Set It and Forget It

No hardware, no code required. Just check one box when you create your load balancing configuration to enable latency load balancing. Add your endpoints, create monitoring checks, and tweak the routing rules to your needs.

“As If Nothing Ever Happened”

Automated failover and system monitoring are baked into all of our load balancing services. Significantly reduces the impact of provider outages.

As soon as one of your endpoints starts to slow down or is unresponsive, we’ll automatically remove it from your load balancing pool.

Latency Load Balancing Configurations

Here are a few of the ways you can set up latency load balancing in Constellix. You will need to have a basic understanding of how our network monitoring services work and be familiar with the different kinds of load balancing services we offer.

Ready to Try Latency Load Balancing?

Get started with these tutorials or contact us for a demo!

We just introduced a new feature (still in beta) that makes it easy to ensure every user is sent to the fastest CDN in their region every time.

We automated the whole process. All you have to do is add your CDN providers' API keys and we'll create all the pools, records, and monitoring checks you'll need.

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Need help deciding?

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