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Since our services are billed on a pay-per-usage model, you will need to have a general idea of your query usage and number of domains in order to get an accurate pricing estimate.

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Managed DNS Pricing


1 2 - 25 > 25
Standard Domains $5.00 $0.50 $0.095
1 2 - 100 > 100
GTD Enabled Domains

In addition to regular domain pricing

$5.00 $1.00 $0.10
See Pricing Example

If you have 30 domains and 10 of them have GTD enabled, you would be charged:

$5.00 for the first domain
+ $0.50 x 24 domains
+ $0.095 x 5 domains
+ $5.00 for the first GTD enabled domain
+ $1.00 x 9 GTD enabled domains

That means your total cost for domains will be $31.48 / month.

Please note, GTD Domain pricing is an additional cost to the regular domain pricing. That means, if you have one domain that uses GTD then you will be charged $5 for the cost of the domain plus and additional $5 since GTD is enabled for that domain.

Standard Queries

The lowest query pricing in the industry!

0 - 1 Billion > 1 Billion
Standard Queries $0.395 per million $0.195 per million
See Pricing Example

If you use 1.15 billion queries in a month:

1,000 x $0.395

150 x $0.195

That means your total cost for standard queries will be $424.25 / month.

* Standard queries are all incoming queries answered by our nameservers for your domains that are not answered by IP Filter, GeoProximity, or ANAME records.


First 250 Packs of 250
Records Included $0.08

Sonar Monitoring Pricing

Health & Latency Checks

Monitoring checks are priced based on how often they are run. When you are making your calculations, keep in mind that you will need to multiply the cost of the check by how often it will be used in a month, times how many monitoring locations you applied to the check. See the pricing example for more details.

* Pricing may vary based on monitoring policies.

See Pricing Example

If you have multiple monitoring locations for a check, you should divide the monitoring frequency by the number of locations to get a true idea of how often the check is fired.

In this example we have an HTTPS check set to run every minute from three locations in North America.

Even though the monitoring interval is set for 1 minute, it will really fire every 20 seconds. (60 seconds / 3 monitoring locations = 20 seconds)

$0.00002 x 131,760 times a month (3 x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 30.5 days)

$2.63 / month

North America
& Europe
Asia-Pacific Oceania
DNS $0.00002 $0.00003 $0.00003
FTP $0.00004 $0.00006 $0.00006
SSH $0.00004 $0.00006 $0.00006
HTTP $0.00004 $0.00006 $0.00008
HTTPS $0.00006 $0.00008 $0.00010
SMTP $0.00004 $0.00006 $0.00008
TCP $0.00002 $0.00003 $0.00003
Traceroute $0.00020 $0.00028 $0.00032

How Much is Constellix?

Since we charge by usage, it's hard to see how much our services will cost you. But if you know (roughly) how many domains you want to move to Constellix, as well as how many queries you receive a month, then you can build your own quote in just a few seconds.

Keep in mind, this is only a rough estimate of how much your monthly invoice will be. For a more accurate estimate, please contact Sales .

Monthly Total: $0.00

Advanced Services

You must combine the cost to configure/apply a service and the number of queries that are answered with the rule/record.

See Pricing Example

$0.01 x 5 Configured IP Filter Rules
+ $0.05 x 2 Applied IP Filter Rule to 2 Domains
+ $0.70 x 3 IP Filter Queries (in millions)

$2.25 / month


Configured Applied *
IP Filter Rules $0.01 $0.05
GeoProximity Rules $0.01 $0.05
ANAME Records $0.10
Record Pools $0.01 $0.10
Failover Records Free **

* Applied charges are billed on a monthly basis for each domain the rule or record is applied to.

** Failover is a free service to configure. However, you will be responsible for the cost of the associated health checks and any queries answered by the Failover record(s).

Real-User Monitoring Pricing

  Cost per Month
Real-User Monitoring   $47 per CDN



Latency Load Balancing Pricing

Cost Per Month
30 Second Interval $43.92 per CDN
1 Minute Interval $21.96 per CDN
2 Minute Interval $10.98 per CDN

Advanced Queries

0 - 1 Billion > 1 Billion
IP Filter Queries $0.70 per million $0.35 per million
GeoProximity Queries $0.60 per million $0.30 per million
ANAME Queries $0.395 per million $0.195 per million

* You will only be billed at the advanced query rate if an advanced rule is used to resolve your queries.

** Please note, if you have multiple GeoDNS services configured, you will only be charged for the service/rule that answered the query. You can learn more about GeoDNS query attribution here.

Additional Services

DNS Analytics Free
Query Logs $0.27 each

* Query logs are $0.27 each, per location, per minute.

1 - 1000 > 1000
Domain Commits $0.001 $0.0009

* Everytime you push your changes live to Constellix nameservers is considered a domain commit. Automated changes based on configurations (ie, failover, ITO, and RUM ITO, etc.) may also cause domain commits.

Pricing Examples

Our pricing is structured to benefit businesses of all sizes. Keep in mind, these are only examples. If you want a more accurate estimate of how much our services will cost, please use our pricing calculator .

Contact us anytime and we can work together to design a custom pricing solution for your organization.

Small Business

$11 /month
  • 5 Domains
  • 10 million queries / month


$63 /month
  • 200 Domains
  • 50 million queries / month
  • 5 GTD Enabled Domains

Hosting Provider

$1K /month
  • 10,000 Domains
  • 100 million queries / month
  • 50 GTD Enabled Domains
  • 500 Records

Premium Support

We offer free web ticketing support during business hours (M-F 6a-9p EDT). If you require more assistance, you can upgrade to a premium support package for a monthly cost.

Free Standard Gold Platinum
24/7 Web Ticketing Support
SLA Response Time   1 business day 5 business hours 4 hours 30 minutes
Escalated Support Over Previous Tier
Business Hours Phone Support
24/7 Phone Support  
Dedicated Account Manager

Support Pricing


$25 /month
  • Greater of:
  • $25 / month
  • - or -
  • 3% of monthly usage


$100 /month
  • Greater of:
  • $100 / month
  • - or -
  • 10% of monthly usage from $0 - $1k
  • 5% of monthly usage from $1 - $10k
  • 3% of monthly usage over $10k


$2K /month
  • Greater of:
  • $2k / month
  • - or -
  • 10% of monthly usage from $0 - $10k
  • 5% of monthly usage from $10 - $500k
  • 3% of monthly usage over $500k

* The prices above are exclusive of applicable taxes, fees, or similar governmental charges (if any exist) except as otherwise noted.

** Some prices may not reflect exactly what you see on your invoice. Learn more

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