What is the Constellix Suite of Services?

Constellix is an Internet Traffic Optimization (ITO) company, and trailblazer in next-generation traffic management solutions. The Constellix GeoDNS platform offers enterprise quality DNS query management, engineered for the cloud. The platform is fully integrated with Constellix Sonar, which offers a range of advanced monitoring features and intelligent analytics tools.

Constellix is the only Traffic Management Service that uses integrated monitoring and real-time user metrics to influence traffic routing.

Who can use Constellix?

The full production version of the Constellix suite is available to the general public. As of May 1st, Constellix billing is live. Please visit the Getting Started page to see how you can signup to become a part of the next-generation of traffic management!

Who Designed and Engineered Constellix Services?

The same engineers and administrators who developed DNS Made Easy to become an industry leader are also responsible for the development and research behind Constellix Sonar and DNS products.

How can I recommend a Feature or Provide Feedback?

Please open a support ticket to submit feedback. We are always looking for new ways to improve the suite.

Do you have an SLA?

Yes, you can download a PDF here.

Does DNS Made Easy plan on stopping services?

No, not at all! DNS Made Easy will continue offering DNS services indefinitely. We created Constellix as an alternative to DNS Made Easy for clients who needed advanced routing features, not as a replacement.

What are the major differences between DNS Made Easy and Constellix DNS?

One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is Constellix DNS operates on a different framework. This allows us to implement advanced routing features that are not RFC compliant, but don’t violate any RFC’s.

Requirements of DNS services have expanded outside of what was originally defined in the current RFC’s. This has required our engineers to think outside of the box, so we could develop a reliable method to overcome these limitations.

This new framework paved the way for GeoIP services like IP Filters, GeoProximity, and EDNS client-based subnet configurations. These kinds advanced routing features are engineered specifically for cloud-based infrastructure and offer the most accurate location-based routing—as granular as city level lookups.

For an even more detailed explanation, we recommend you read this post on our blog.

When will we start billing for Constellix?

Billing went live on May 1st, 2017. You can learn more about how billing works here.

What is the Constellix Management Console?

Through this portal you can also manage your account information, user settings, user application-level access, multi-factor authentication, and API keys all in one place. Go to the CMC

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