The Platform

Account Analytics

Overview of account's query activity. Compare query totals across multiple domains.

Domain Analytics

Interactive query reports for individual domains. Dig deeper into influxes in traffic and gather insight into your DNS infrastructure.

Query Logging

Watch your traffic in real time on an interactive map or filterable table. Logs can be saved and reuploaded for historical comparison.

Real-Time Stats

See which records are being queried the most. Filter historical query data by record type, name, location, or IP version.

Account Analytics

DNS Analytics

Total Queries

Get a quick overview of recent query activity for all domains in the account.

Queries / Time (chart)

When you first log into DNS Analytics, you will see a bar chart of the daily query counts for the current billing cycle. These query counts include all the domains associated with your account.

Queries / Domain

(table and chart)

You can dig deeper into this data in the Queries by Domain table, where you can see the query counts for each domain over a set period of time.

Compare activity between domains in the stacked bar chart below the table. In the table, select the checkbox next to the domains you want to compare. An interactive chart will be generated below the table.

This is a great way to quickly see which domains are receiving the most traffic and identify any deviations from normal traffic patterns.

DNS Analytics

Domain Analytics

DNS Analytics

Click on a domain in the Queries by Domain table to access more granular data for that specific domain.

Domain Overview

You will first see a quick overview of recent query activity for that domain over the current billing cycle. The time-series displays total query counts at 30 minute intervals.

Queries by Location (map)

Below, you will see an interactive map that displays the query counts for each location represented as circles that grow/shrink relative to the query counts in other locations. Each location is a point of presence (PoP) in the Constellix network. Hover over the circle to see the total queries for that location.

  • Troubleshoot influx of DNS queries
  • Examine request loads on DNS servers and zones
  • Evaluate effects of service or configuration changes

Queries by Location

(table and time-series)

Compare queries at each location by selecting the checkbox next to the location name in the table. This will filter the Queries by Location time-series at the bottom of the page to only show those locations.

The Queries by Location time-series shows query counts at each location at 30 minute intervals over a definable time range. Hover over the different time-series to see query counts for each 30 minute period.

  • Gather insight into your DNS infrastructure
  • Analyze DDoS and other DNS-based attacks
  • Pinpoint which records are being used the most
  • Identify users over IPv6
DNS Analytics

Query Logging

DNS Analytics

Click the icon next to the desired location in the Queries by Location table to open query logging.

This feature allows you to see your domain's live query traffic through one of our points of presence for a minute long period.

Query logs can be saved and re-uploaded later for historical comparison.

Watch queries in real time on an interactive map or in raw tabular form. Raw query data can be filtered by:

  • Record name
  • Source address
  • EDNS client
  • IP version
  • Record type
  • ISO country
  • City

Use Cases

  • Identify system misconfigurations
  • Compare capacity trends over time to detect attacks
  • Identify stale or unused records
  • Pinpoint a CDN (or other cloud service) that is making excess requests

Real-Time Statistics

RTS (Real-Time Stats) is the first of it's kind in the industry, offering unprecedented visibility into DNS record usage. The DNS Analytics platform shows you who is querying your domains, but our RTS tool shows you how your DNS resources are being used.

We recommend using RTS as a tool to review your query usage. If you keep going over your query quota, you can use RTS to identify which records are being used the most and even pinpoint system misconfigurations.

You can use RTS to filter your domain's query traffic by:

  • Record name
  • Record type
  • Location
  • IP protocol or version
DNS Analytics


DNS Analytics and Real-Time Stats are both available for free unlimited usage. However, you will have to purchase Query Logs. Query logs are priced at $0.27 each and can be purchased in the DNS Analytics app.

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