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DNS is no longer a simple point & click domain management service. It has evolved into a critical optimization tool for network admins and DevOps, alike.

Here at Constellix, we augment our managed DNS services with built-in network monitoring, health checks, performance monitoring, and query analytics. We ingest data from these sources and use it to optimize how traffic flows to your cloud services, data centers, and CDN services.

We give you all the tools you need to accelerate application delivery and accuracy.

How is all this possible? We were engineered differently, by a team of industry veterans who designed our service from the ground up to handle the edge cases and complex configurations that other providers can’t.

We specialize in multi-cloud and multi-CDN optimization , using cutting-edge techniques like Real-User Monitoring to deliver the best possible experience every time.

Constellix fits seamlessly into your stack, whether you prefer programmatic implementations or point and click domain management. Nothing to install, just pure 100% SaaS.

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Routing Policies

Smarter Traffic Routing

We use a combination of custom routing rules and monitoring services to dynamically guide your users to your best performing resources.

Powered by machine learning and real-time data.

Easily create unique routing logic based on the availability, latency, or location of your resources... Or you can use information about your end-users, such as location or network, to automatically route them to different resources.

Introducing Our Security Platform.

All the tools you need to safeguard your network surface from attackers and common exploits.

Powered by our battle-tested, self-healing network

Anomaly Detection

Our AI will alert you when traffic fluctuates. Coming Soon!

Real-Time Query Analytics

Detect early warning signs of attacks and stop them before your users notice

Easy DNS Filtering

Block unwanted traffic from potentially malicious sources by IP, ASN, or location

Rigorous Account Security

Your DNS is the entry point for many of your online assets. Protect it with Two-Factor Auth and account audits

Query Logging

Record minute long query logs to identify system misconfigurations or root cause analysis for attacks

DNS Management Services

Everything You Need In One Place

Constellix is the culmination of over 15 years of feature requests, plus some extra things that we wanted, like domain-specific user permissions and version control.

All of these features are included for free. If there’s something we’re missing, we’ll build it… just ask.

What Our Customers Say:

" We serve dozens of clients and depend upon Constellix to help us protect and serve them. "

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Backed by the industry's fastest and most reliable network.

The only network with a 100% uptime history

Built-in DDoS mitigation and traffic scrubbing

16 Points of Presence & Over 100 Monitoring Nodes

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